Low Level Laser Therapy

Functional Characteristics

The instrument creatively combines the irradiation of radial ulnar artery ,neiguan acupoint ,daling acupoint and nasal cavities and achieves the simultaneous irradiation of many key parts.thereby having remarkable treatment effect.

The instrument has the functions of automatic fixed time and fixed quantity Irradiation, thereby ensuring more convenient and more humanistic.

The nasal clip, the wrist band and the wrist laser are completely positioned according to the design of human skeleton curves and human engineering, thereby ensuring more comfortable, reliable and safer.

The operation programme has simplified, intelligent and energy-saving operation process.

The instrument has small size and portable thus can be used for treatment at anytime and anywhere.

The treatment instrument has automatic power-off and backlight energy saving modes, which consumes less power and is more environmentally friendly.

The charger jack and the external laser jack can be applied at the same time. The fail-safe function of the jack avoids mis-operation which may damage the treatment instrument.

After starting instrument , if there is no operation within one minute, the instrument turns off automatically for energy-saving and safety .

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