Laser Shower  PowerTwin21+  with a total laser output of 2,100 mW (21 laser diodes x 100 mW)

This laser model thus achieves one of the highest power densities of all low-level laser units on a treatment area that is still 55 cm² large.

The housing of the laser shower PowerTwin 21+ has been redesigned: cooling the high-performance laser diodes with fans and cooling fins ensures efficient treatment.

As a result, therapy time can be significantly reduced, and the laser light can penetrate deeper into the tissue to be treated!


  • 21 laser diodes irradiate a surface of 55 cm² with high laser density
  • Unlimited mobility through direct mains connection (100 V – 240 V ~)
  • Four red diodes limit the treatment area
  • Total diode power 2,100 mW (21 x 100 mW) – 808 nm
  • Adjustable laser parameters
  • Adapter with integrated protective glass
  • CW, Multifrequency, Alpha, Nogier, Bahr, Reininger frequencies
  • Freely selectable frequencies
  • Color display
  • Can be retrofitted by laser shower in laser comb
  • Optional powerbank for off-grid operation

The laser shower PowerTwin 21+ can be set individually for special applications. Treatment dose, mode of operation as well as therapy time are shown on the colour display. In addition to the CW (continuous wave) mode of operation and the tried-and-tested multi-frequency spectrum, other frequency programmes (such as Nogier, Bahr, chakra, and Reininger frequencies) are already preset. Additional frequencies may be freely chosen and programmed using 20 memory locations.

Two versions of the Laser Shower PowerTwin are available:

–    PowerTwin 21+ total diode output 2.100 mW ( 21 x 100 mW )
–    PowerTwin 21 total diode output 1.050 mW ( 21 x 50 mW )

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