Wireless gamma probe for Sentinel Lymph Node localization.

WPROBE is a tool that is positioned as a complement to the Sentinel Unit which functions as a wireless radiation probe ionizing detector.

Wprobe is designed with the most technical features on the market to achieve the biggest challenges of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy as a surgical technique.

The gamma probe is accurate, with greater sensitivity and versatility.

The Wprobe kit with tablets, has specially designed software with new functions and facilitates the counting activity of up to three isotopes simultaneously, opening up new possibilities for the accurate localization of sentinel lymph nodes in open and laparoscopic surgery.

Available isotopes: Tc99, I125, In111, Lu177, I131, I123, F18 Ga68, Co57 y Full Range.

Purpose of this tool is used in the medical sector, in particular, radioguided surgery to detect radioisotopes in tumoral cells, lymph nodes (sentinel node).


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